As I walked outside the building to unfold the aluminum flap that assures patrons that our site is a “Safe Haven”, I noticed a bright baby blue ice cream truck.  Driving down Huntington Dr. any day or night, the sight of a food truck is common, so what was so special about this little truck?

Well first of all it was empty.  Inside, I noticed a woman scrubbing the walls and floor.  Weird…. But then again, we normally get weirdos in the library, so I figured she was lost and maybe her colleague was inside getting directions.  I walked back into the building, threw my curiosity to the wind; holding my theory as a reasonable enough explanation.

I kept my observation from my coworkers because I gave up on pursuing my curiosity.  Focusing on my work for the following hour my concentration waned when I heard a little boy tell his mom, “I wish they had ice cream. Why would they have an ice cream truck if they don’t sell ice cream mommy?”  That is an interesting question: why wouldn’t an ice cream truck sell ice cream?  And, “They”? That meant the lady wasn’t alone.  But why were they still outside if they weren’t lost nor selling anything?  My curiosity peaked.

I walked out thinking it would be one of those situations where I have to ask these weirdos to stop bothering our patrons.  As I marched to the truck (I deliberately walk with my back straight, and sticking my chest out to look intimidating when I have to shush people away) my attention was on a small chalk board stand intricately placed on the sidewalk next to the truck, “Idea Truck”  It seemed to be a mobile art exhibition of some sort.

After searching the internet that evening I came upon this in Kickstart:

The plan is to drive Idea Truck around LA for 6 months and reach out to unsuspecting pedestrians.  Sit at plastic tables and chairs and feast on ideas, like: space ships should be purple elephants with rockets for feet (one idea already donated to the inventory).  Why do they have to be aerodynamic anyway, there’s no air in space?  Disagree?  Want to elaborate?  Then contact the idea maker directly from the email he or she leaves behind.  And on that note—what is an idea?  Are they a dime a dozen or are they a unique stamp of who you are?  Is an idea enough in this consumer-driven object making world?

Interesting enough, its nice to see that the arts are live and well!

Idea Truck In East LA

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